To the world you are one person, to a rescue dog, you are the world!

Meet Lilly - Lilly is sponsored by Kimberly Lucas, Connie Huse, Jody, Jesse, Colby & Wilbur Duecker, Jake, Allison & Hooch Thurman, Kelly Rice, Lisa Baxter, Matthew King, Sue Tannenbaum, Chloe Pendleton, Oreo Double Stuff Dalton, Sara Brown, Bonnie Verhoff and John & Dee Dickerson


Lilly is an Owner Surrender

Intake Date: 03/09/14

Last Update: 03/18/14

Location: Indianapolis, IN


Age: 5 years

Gender: Unaltered Female

Weight: 31 lbs

Energy Level: Low

Color: Brindle

Good with other dogs: Conditionally - see bio below

Good with cats: Yes

Good with kids: Unknown

Object Agression: None

Special Needs: Blind

Medications: Eye drops twice daily, monthly heartworm and flea preventative

Crate Trained: Unknown

House Trained: Yes

Adoption fee: $450

Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies




Lilly is a very sweet, well-mannered girl who had a rough start to life. She was surrendered after being rescued from someone who had tons of dogs, crates on top of crates. She came into IBR very thin, with patches of fur missing as well as ear and eye infections She has been to the vet and is being treated for all these issues, but will require drops in her eyes twice daily for chronic dry eye the rest of her life. She is mostly blind, but does seem to see some shadows and light.


In spite of all this, Lilly is the sweetest girl. She is still a little timid at first, but warms up nicely. She gets around the house fine despite her blindness, but will not go up steps.


Lilly gets along with the other dogs in her foster home, who are all older and laid back. It is unknown how she would do with a younger, more playful dog, as she might be frightened by another dog jumping at her to play. She also does fine with the 4 year old human kid and cats in her foster home.


Because Lilly is so underweight, the vet wants to wait until she gains a little before she goes in for spay surgery. If you have been considering sponsoring a bulldog, there isn't a better time than now or a better choice than Lilly. She needs a lot of help.


When Lilly is ready to find her forever home, it will take a special family to understand this sweet, amazing girl. If you think that might be you, please mention her by name when filling out an adoption application.

Meet Hope - Hope is sponsored by Stephanie McComb and Brad Miller, Lisa Baxter, Shelly Conner, Adaptive Enterprises LLC, the Neeley Family, William & Dana Curry, Jeananne Forgey, Kristen & Donnie Payne, Nicole Headlee, Tracy Sutton and Kimberly & Christopher Lucas


Hope is a stray

Intake Date: 11/21/13

Last Update: 03/07/14

Location: Indianapolis, IN


Age: 4 years

Gender: Altered Female

Weight: 56 lbs

Energy Level: Med low

Color: Mostly white with dapples and a brindle backside

Good with other dogs: Mostly ignores, but with sight/hearing issues caution should be exercised

Good with cats: Ignores them at the vet's office

Good with kids: Unknown

Object Agression: None displayed thus far

Special Needs: Hearing and sight issues, see below

Medications: Cyclosporin and Rimadyl, monthly heartworm and flea preventative

Crate Trained: 

House Trained: See below

Adoption fee: $550

Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies




Hope came in with 2 cherry eyes, dry eye, inner ear infection (both ears), fleas and a terrible skin infection. She will be evaluated by the vet and more information will be available as soon as we know it.


JANUARY UPDATE: Hope has improved dramatically since arriving in rescue. Her eye, ear and skin infections are now all gone and her hair is growing back. All blood, urine and organ function tests are normal. A bad tooth was pulled, but she still needs a dental cleaning. It's easy to tell Hope feels much better overall and her personality is emerging. Her being whiter and rounder and with Christmas songs like "Frosty the Snowman playing repeatedly, her foster mom has started to think of her as "a jolly, happy soul" because she truly is.


Hope's hearing is still questionable, she seems to hear only high tones, i.e. responds to a whistle by not to voice commands. Her eyesight is also limited to light vs. dark, but her vet says her eye health has greatly improved. Dry eye meds will be a lifetime requirement. She is awaiting the scheduling of surgery to repair her cherry eye. Her foster mom leaves lots of lights on and turns lights on ahead of entering rooms and it has helped Hope navigate well in the house. She functions well with established routines and in an environment she can memorize.


Hope has learned about getting treats. After several tries of rubbing a smelly treat against her jutting lower lip, she opened her mouth and her foster mom popped it in. Now she is all about it and even knows which cabinet those delicious things come out of. She recently learned the joy of McDonald's fries, too.


Hope walks well on a leash. She is a good, calm car traveler. Housebreaking continues to be a question, though. She seems to understand the principles, but either has no background in trusting someone to take her out if she "holds it" or cannot last long. She may never be a dog that can be left for 8-10 hour work days. She also seems to be fine with other dogs and cats, but doesn't see or hear jostling/aggression coming, so caution is needed.


Hope has a pronounced right shoulder limp, which continues to be checked but may just be her conformation - she has big ol' bulldog shoulders. They are perfectly sized for good hugs, though. Despite ear infections being gone, a head tilt remains as well. Again, may just be how she is. It's rather jaunty!


Hope works hard to stay close to her person. Two baby gates and a bent metal crate have proved to her foster mom that she believes she should sleep in the room where her person sleeps. Her foster mom has a hard time continuing to think she's fragile because of her initial health problems. She's all bulldog! She also recently figured out a way to climb up on an ottoman and has decided one of the big leather chairs is quite comfy. She's worked out her own way of easing up and down from it.


MARCH UPDATE: Hope's eye surgery is completed and she is doing great! She clearly feels better and is more functional and responsive to her surroundings. She will always have vision limitations and will need to continue Cyclosporin eye drops.


Upon X-raying, her right front limp was found to be due to arthritis in her elbow. She will continue to need Rimadyl daily to help with that. Her coat has grown back in though, and she is looking so pretty!


Hope continues to be a delight to her foster mom, she is such a sweet soul. She does an awkward little shuffling dance of joy to greet her mom when she comes home. Hope wants nothing more than to be warm and fed and to be right by the side of her person.


House training remains a challenge, but her foster mom believes she "gets it" and someone whose schedule has less than her current 10-12 hour work days would be able to make great progress with Hope.


Hope is okay with other dogs and cats, but her limited vision and hearing will impact her interaction with them. She will do well in a home where she can memorize the layout and routine, as well.


Now that Hope's medical issues have been resolved, she is ready to find her forever family! Is it you? Please consider this sweet girl  when filling out an adoption application.

Meet Carley - Carley is sponsored by Robin Douglass and Stephanie McComb, Matt & Caitlin Van Kersen, Adaptive Enterprises LLC and Michele Behme 


Carley is  a seven year-old (owner) surrender to Indianapolis Animal Care & Control. She has the worst flea infestation that we have ever seen. The flea infestation has caused her skin to be so infected that when bathed, nothing but bright red and fleas ran off her underweight and fragile body. In addition, she has an ear infection, and parasite worms.


She is scared, in pain and came to us just in time. We desperately need your support and help to get this darling girl the veterinary care that she is in desperate need of and deserves. Please sponsor Carley today.

Meet Bella - Bella is sponsored by Ashley Thornburg, Michael Pursley, Lisa Hill, Brad & Beth McGriff, Natalie & Anton Brunbauer, Katy Jo Dalton, Kim Van Arsdale, Jessica Downey-Barefoot and Melissa & Mark Toetz


Bella is a Shelter Pull

Intake Date: 

Today's Date: 02/05/14

Location: Indianapolis, IN


Age: 12 years

Gender: Altered Female

Weight: 60 lbs

Energy Level: Low

Color: Fawn and white

Good with other dogs: Yes

Good with cats: No

Good with kids: Yes

Object Agression: None 

Special Needs: None

Medications: Monthly heartworm and flea preventative

Crate Trained: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Adoption fee: $350

Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies




Bella was surrendered to the Hamilton Co. Humane Society at 11 years old and came to IBR heartworm positive. She had some trouble walking because of a problem with her hind leg, had a small growth near one of her eyes causing dry eye, and was severely overweight and potbellied when she arrived. She also had a torn ACL, but because of her weight she can't have surgery until she completes a strict diet and loses some pounds.


Overall, she's doing well. She's getting LOTS of loving and baby talk. Her foster mom expects to see this girl thrive in the near future. In the meantime she, without a doubt, needs some serious sponsors.


JULY UPDATE: Bella is doing very well losing weight. She has started going on longer walks, with the approval of her veterinarian. He is no longer sure that she has a torn ACL, he is leaning more towards a luxating patella. We are hoping he can get a better diagnosis once she has lost more weight.


In the meantime, she does not show any pain while walking, and we take it slow and let her set the pace. Her new medical issue is unquenchable thirst. She has been tested for a UTI and diabetes, both came back negative. We are monitoring her water intake and will be performing more tests to try to determine the cause.


FEBRUARY UPDATE: Bella just had her 12th birthday on Feb. 2. She is doing very well, is healthy and at a good weight for her size. Bella has a lot of pep for her age and likes to go for walks and play with her foster sister!


Bella likes to relax, too. She loves her crate with its soft blanket and baby bumper pads to cushion her. She also has a special pillow that she positions "just so" to lay her head on when she takes a nap.


Bella does walk with a limp in her hind leg and has poor teeth. But overall she is a happy senoir citizen! She charms everyone who sees her with her quiet, gentle personality. She is a joy to have in her foster home.


If you would be interested in giving Bella a wonderful retirement home, please mention her by name when filling out an adoption application.