To the world you are one person, to a rescue dog, you are the world!

Meet Bette! - Bette is sponsored by Amii Bischof & Scott Haines, Cathy Crane in loving memory of her son Jeremy and granddaughter Kyleigh and Rachel Hankins


Bette is an Owner Surrender

Intake Date: 05/26/14

Last Update: 08/08/15

Location: Indianapolis, IN


Age: 5 years

Gender: Altered Female

Weight: 55 lbs

Energy Level: High

Color: Brindle

Good with other dogs: No

Good with cats: Unknown

Good with kids: Yes

Object Aggression: None noted to date

Special Needs: None

Medications: Joint supplements and pain medication as needed for luxating patella, eye drops for dry eye, monthly heartworm and flea preventative

Crate Trained: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Adoption fee: $450

Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies




Bette is a very sweet girl. She is well-mannered, knows the commands "Sit," "Down," "Stay" and "Shake" and she walks well with her harness. One unique thing about her is that her left eye is partially blue.


Bette does have unpredictable dog aggression, so she needs to be the only dog in the house. She does have a history of going after other dogs, with the last instance being in April. Her former owner did state that a training collar used had no impact on her pulling if there is another dog around.


Bette is not known to chew on anything that isn't a toy and doesn't have food or territory issues. Her foster mom is still getting to know Bette, but thinks she is a really sweet girl just trying to find her place and has had no trouble with her so far.


JULY UPDATE: Bette has been to the vet and received a clean bill of health. She is current on all vaccinations, micro chipped and spayed. She will need to continue having eye drops in her left eye for dry eye. She also is on joint supplements for a luxating patella in her left leg. It has slipped out of place twice in 15 months, but she has not had any trouble with it since coming in to rescue.


AUGUST UPDATE: Nothing new to report with Bette. She has not had any problems with her luxating patella since coming in to rescue, so the joint supplements seem to be helping keep her condition stable. She is just waiting to find the right furever home!


DECEMBER UPDATE: Bette's foster mom says she continues to be a joy to have. She can be a very high energy girl when playing with her squeaky toys and chewing on her bones, but she is a very good girl too.


FEBRUARY UPDATE: Bette has put on a few pounds this winter (haven't we all?) but it's nothing spring walks won't take care of! She continues to be high energy and loves to play. She was experiencing some redness in her eyes, so she has been getting an eye ointment twice a day for a couple weeks to help clear them up.


MARCH UPDATE: Well, Miss Attitude got into a fight with the neighbor's dog. It was dark, they didn't know she was in the yard and they were walking too close to the property line. Everyone is okay, but she definitely does NOT like other dogs. This is the only encounter she has had since being in her foster home. Other than that she is just her normal, sweet, loving self with her foster mom, playing with her toys and lounging around the house.


APRIL UPDATE: Bette has been fighting a bacterial eye infection. She has been on eye drops and antibiotics to help clear it up. Otherwise she is still her playful, loving (to humans) self.


MAY UPDATE: Bette has been diagnosed with dry eye in both eyes and will require ointments to be applied twice a day from now on. There may also be some permanent scarring and partial vision loss in her right eye, unfortunately. Otherwise she is still her normal Bette self and is just waiting for her furever home.


AUGUST UPDATE: Bette is ready for her furever home. She is just waiting for you!


Bette is a very sweet girl that gets along with every person she meets, however she HAS to have a home with NO other dogs, as she has unpredictable dog aggression issues. A fenced yard would be good too, to help avoid any trouble with other dogs. Her foster mom does not take her anywhere that she knows there will be other dogs to try and control the issue. She is also very careful on walks and so far has not had any problems.


Please consider sponsoring Bette's vet care while she is in rescue. If you think you'd like to adopt Bette, mention her name when filling out an adoption application.

Meet Lola Hope! - Lola is sponsored by Daniel Coppersmith and his bullies Quincy & Murphy, Oreo Double Stuff Dalton, Angie & Kaitlyn and Rachel Hankins


Lola Hope is an Owner Surrender

Intake Date: 12/13/14

Last Update: 08/08/15

Location: Indianapolis, IN


Age: 7 years

Gender: Unaltered Female

Weight: 42 lbs

Energy Level: Medium Low

Color: Brindle

Good with other dogs: Yes

Good with cats: No

Good with kids: Yes

Object Aggression: None

Special Needs: Please see bio below

Medications: Bio-Cardio supplement, fish oil supplement, monthly heartworm and flea preventative

Crate Trained: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Adoption fee: TBD

Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies




Lola Hope is a sweet, petite bullie girl with lots of love to give. Like most bullies, she sleeps a lot but also enjoys short walks. She chews on Nylabones but hasn't really taken a liking to any other toys so far.


Lola Hope loves to be with people and so far has been pretty easy-going when it comes to other dogs. Her former owner said she was not good with cats, but she has not been around them in rescue.


Lola Hope has a heart condition, which could possibly be improved with a pacemaker. She was diagnosed three years ago and at that time was a good candidate for the pacemaker surgery, but is being thoroughly evaluated as to whether or not she would still be a candidate. She has not been spayed due to the heart condition. She also has a peanut M&M-sized tumor on one of her mammary glands.


FEBRUARY UPDATE: Lola Hope is a very loving girl and is blossoming in her foster home. She has even taken ownership of some things and is not afraid to let her deaf foster sister know when enough is enough now.


Even though Lola Hope has a heart condition, she still has a spring in her step and enjoys walks. She has a certain swagger to her step that captivates everyone she meets.


Lola Hope may not be a candidate for a pacemaker and we may not know which will be the day her heart stops working. But we never really know that for ourselves either, so love as much as you can every day... and consider adopting Lola Hope to share that daily love!


MARCH UPDATE: Lola Hope continues to be loving and is even getting a little sassy at times with her foster sister. She will also bark at the neighbor dog when she goes out to potty. She has also been learning her deaf foster sister's hand signals and can now sit and lay down on command. She is still working on other things.


Lola Hope recently visited the vet to have a large, squishy mass near her groin checked out. Initially, surgery was discussed, but after weighing the factors including her heart condition her file was reviewed again and it was decided she is not a candidate for surgery unless it is a life or death situation. She has gained almost 5 pounds, which is a good thing.


JULY UPDATE: Lola Hope is so sweet! Please don't let her heart condition deter you from opening your home, family and heart. If there is one thing her foster mom can say about Lola Hope is that she wants to be with people. She loves everyone but she seems to be drawn to men as she was previously owned by a man.

Not much has changed with Lola Hope other than putting on little weight. She continues with her daily preventative meds. In June, she did go through a heat cycle. She has started skipping meals every once in awhile but when she is hungry, she eats. She doesn't really care for coconut oil but she does like yogurt or olive oil on her food.

Please consider making Lola Hope a part of your family you will not be disappointed!

Lola Hope's foster mom wanted to relay how the Vet best explained her heart condition, if that might help with any apprehension. Her heart is like a golf cart. It doesn't matter how hard you bury the pedal to the floor, the golf cart will only go so fast. The same with Lola Hope's heart, it will only beat so fast no matter how fast she walks/trots.


We are never promised another day or another breath, so please consider adopting Lola Hope and giving her a permanent home to live out her days with love and happiness. She will need to be extra protected during heat season and probably wear a diaper.


Many thanks to our faithful supporters that donated the Bio-Cardio supplement off IBR's Amazon Wish List for Lola Hope!


Please consider sponsoring Lola's potentially extensive medical care while she is in rescue. If you're interested in adopting Lola, mention her by name when filling out an adoption application.