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Meet Bette! - Bette is sponsored by Amii Bischof & Scott Haines


Bette is an Owner Surrender

Intake Date: 05/26/14

Last Update: 12/02/14

Location: Indianapolis, IN


Age: 3 years

Gender: Altered Female

Weight: 45 lbs

Energy Level: High

Color: Brindle

Good with other dogs: No

Good with cats: Unknown

Good with kids: Yes

Object Agression: None noted to date

Special Needs: None

Medications: Joint supplements and pain medication as needed for luxating patella, eye drops for dry eye, monthly heartworm and flea preventative

Crate Trained: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Adoption fee: $550

Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies




Bette is a very sweet girl. She is well-mannered, knows the commands "Sit," "Down," "Stay" and "Shake" and she walks well with her harness. One unique thing about her is that her left eye is partially blue.


Bette does have unpredictable dog aggression, so she needs to be the only dog in the house. She does have a history of going after other dogs, with the last instance being in April. Her former owner did state that a training collar used had no impact on her pulling if there is another dog around.


Bette is not known to chew on anything that isn't a toy and doesn't have food or territory issues. Her foster mom is still getting to know Bette, but thinks she is a really sweet girl just trying to find her place and has had no trouble with her so far.


JULY UPDATE: Bette has been to the vet and received a clean bill of health. She is current on all vaccinations, micro chipped and spayed. She will need to continue having eye drops in her left eye for dry eye. She also is on joint supplements for a luxating patella in her left leg. It has slipped out of place twice in 15 months, but she has not had any trouble with it since coming in to rescue.


AUGUST UPDATE: Nothing new to report with Bette. She has not had any problems with her luxating patella since coming in to rescue, so the joint supplements seem to be helping keep her condition stable. She is just waiting to find the right furever home!


SEPTEMBER UPDATE: Bette is just patiently awaiting her furever family. She is such a sweet, playful girl. Anyone would be lucky to have her! She loves to play with her squeaky toy and chew on her antler.


NOVEMBER UPDATE: Nothing really new to report for Bette. She continues to be a well-mannered house guest for her foster mom. She is very energetic and loves playing with her squeaky toys and chewing her bones. She is just waiting on the perfect furever family!


DECEMBER UPDATE: Bette's foster mom says she continues to be a joy to have. She can be a very high energy girl when playing with her squeaky toys and chewing on her bones, but she is a very good girl too.


Bette is a very sweet girl that gets along with every person she meets and loves to play with her toys. However, she HAS to have a home with NO other dogs, as she has unpredictable dog aggression issues. A fenced yard would be good too, to help avoid any trouble with other dogs. Her foster mom does not take her anywhere that she knows there will be other dogs to try and control the issue. She is also very careful on walks and so far has not had any problems.


Please consider sponsoring Bette's vet care while she is in rescue. If you think you'd like to adopt Bette, mention her name when filling out an adoption application.

Meet DJ! - DJ is sponsored by Jen & Dave, Mollie & Jon Krider in memory of their bulldogs Pumbaa and Georgia, Mary Rita Allen, Ashley & Matt Moore, Seth Ratcliff, Shannon Sitgreaves, Jim Jessee and Kristin Knapke


DJ is a Stray

Intake Date: 06/11/14

Last Update: 09/08/14

Location: Indianapolis, IN


Age: 11 years

Gender: Altered Male

Weight: 45 lbs

Energy Level: Low

Color: White/Fawn

Good with other dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Good with kids: Yes

Object Agression: None

Special Needs: Please see bio below

Medications: Optimmune for dry eye, Baytril for ear infections, glucosamine, monthly heartworm and flea preventative

Crate Trained: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Adoption fee: TBD

Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies




DJ was found as a stray on June 7. He has a microchip and many efforts were made by his rescuers to contact his owner, but no calls were ever answered or returned so he officially became an IBR foster.


When he was found, he was showing obvious eye and ear issues. He is being treated for dry eye and the ear infections. After initial vetting, it was determined his prostate was also enlarged. X-rays confirmed and showed an abnormal mass. Since being neutered, the vet palpitated his prostated and felt a slight decrease in size. Another assessment will be made in a couple weeks.


DJ is good with kids, cats, birds and other dogs. He does not require a lot of exercise, as he is a typical lazy old bullie boy. However, he has been known to play with a jolly ball in the backyard. He spends most of his days laying on the couch snoozing. He is completely house trained and can be trusted to free roam. He is also a good eater and does not get aggressive with his foster sisters at all.


DJ cannot see very well, so he does need assistance getting down steps. He can get back up on his own, though. He also tends to bump into walls, so it is important for him to live in a safe environment. He is very good about letting his foster mom cut his nails, clean out his ears, nose and face wrinkles and is very good with baths.


DJ listens well and knows basic commands. He likes going for car rides and enjoys IBR events. He can occasionally be found rooting around in the bone bin, but is not bone or toy aggressive. He loves peanut butter and any kind of treats. He's a great snuggler and likes to sit next to his humans on the couch, usually keeping a paw on someone at all times.


DJ just has such a great spirit and is a very gentle, loving soul.


Please consider sponsoring DJ's care while in rescue. If you think you'd like to add DJ to your family when he is ready, mention his name when filling out an adoption application.